Playish is still in early access. Please be patient with us.

What is Playish?

Playish is a game distribution platform for both big and small game ideas. Everything from tests and templates to full comercial games are welcome. You don't need to release something perfect, that's why it's called Playish. We really loved Steam Greenlight, itch.io and other game indie platforms but feel that we're missing a more dynamic platform for unfinished idéas that you want to share. This is why we created Playish - this is where you can release games that are both done and done-ish. Or just a small interactive expericence, or try a new controller method.

Who's behind Playish?

Playish has its home in Jönköping, Sweden.

Most of us work at En appstudio and build apps and web applications for a living. We love building cool stuff and disrupting the market.

Why do you only support Unity?

More plattforms will be supported soon. We're currently looking at plain HTML5 Canvas, Phaser, Superpowers, Unreal Engine and Game Pencil. If you have more tips or requests, please email us at info@playish.com.

How can I upload more than 1 GB?

You can buy more storage on subscription basis on the Payment page. If your storage is full and you should end your subscription, your games will still remain on Playish but you can't upload new ones. Check out our Roadmap to see what we're planing for the future.

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Playish is a game distribution platform for both big and small game ideas. Play and create free games and make your indie game developer dreams come true. We support Unity3D HTML5 games at the moment, but more is coming. Playish is still in early access and evolves with its game developers.
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