Playish is still in early access. Please be patient with us.

The road ahead is bright

Playish is still in early access and the platform is evolving, please note that this roadmap can change. Our goal is to create the worlds best platform for releasing and discovering new games. We want to support a new generation of game designers and players that can bring new exiting ideas of how tomorrows game play will look like. On Playish you can upload concepts, tests, interactive experiences, indie games and full commercial games. Everyone is welcome!

Something on you mind?

Feedback and questions can be sent to


Developer accounts

We have some idéas of what you as a developer need to make great games. Team accounts, beta invites, more storage and feedback and tracking tools. We want you to focus on making cool games and not worry about the eco system, that's our job.


Everyone needs to pay the rent, right?! We want to create a tool for artists and game designers to get paid for their work early on in the process. This step aims at bringing small payments and a donation system to the platform. If you're a game designer, add in game purchases or unlockable features to the game. Or why not sell the game on Playish. You can also pledge for donations to keep developing your game.

We aim at giving you as a developer the tools to earn money by doing what you love the most - making games!

Friends and Favourites

A complete social system inside Playish, where you can follow and talk with your friends and players. Also, a good search and favourite system so that people can save and share your games. Which game is the most played and the most favourited? - everything gets revealed in this update.

Early access

A first version of Playish with the basic eco system in place. Apps are still in development and the friends system is just bare minimum. The users can now give us feedback and important insights on what to improve and what to change for future versions


The original name for Playish was Couch+ and was our beta product. The platform attracted thousands of users before shutting down in 2015. Every part of the Playish experience was tested here and all the best idéas and feedback from our users were brought into the Playish platform.

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